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21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with RFM900-T Refractometers

Data integrity is important whatever line of work you’re in, but within the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing ensuring data integrity is a key component to complying with globally recognised standards.  Bellingham + Stanley’s RFM900-T series of refractometers contain many software features to help ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. 

Silica Windows for Polarimeter Tubes

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ADP600 Series Polarimeters level up to tackle difficult samples

The powerful ADP600 Series of polarimeters from Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, continues to go from strength to strength with more capabilities recently added.


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Xylem Analytics offers refractometers, field handheld meters, laboratory meters, sensors, electrodes, turbidity meters, automatic titrators, photometers by Bellingham + Stanley, SI Analytics and WTW to measure Brix, acids, titratable compounds and more in agriculture applications