Flowcell Accessories

Flow-through refractometry solutions from Bellingham + Stanley

Flowcell accessories from Bellingham + Stanley provide your refractometer processes with a means of semi or fully automated sample application and prism washing, creating more efficient workflows for your laboratory or factory. 

For businesses that regularly measure volatile samples, RFM Refractometers with Flowcell accessories can reduce waste, and minimise exposure by eliminating evaporation from the measuring process.

Bellingham + Stanley’s Flowcell accessories offer inline multi-instrument configuration, useful within flavours, fragrances and essences applications. They can also provide connectivity to an auto-sampler for efficient automation to processes.

  • Semi and fully automated means of sample application and removal
  • Provides inline multi-instrument configuration within flavours, fragrances, essences & more
  • Auto-sampler connectivity
  • Eliminates evaporation - minimises risk of exposure to volatile samples

Xycone Cell Technology for efficient washing

Xycone Cell Technology is a unique process that efficiently washes away old sample and prevents entrapped air from forming over the prism surface. The Xycone cell chamber facilitates horizontal mounting, allowing for maximum flushing capability so that there is no interference with readings from leftover solids or residual air.

High performance measurement improves your processes, your efficiency, and your bottom line

For those working within food, beverage, industrial or pharmaceutical industries, RFM refractometers (from Bellingham + Stanley) complete with Flowcell Accessories, are the intelligent choice of manufacturers and producers the world over. For the food & beverage industry Bellingham + Stanley recommends Flowcell Accessories for the RFM300 Series refractometers - with micro, macro and funnel versions available; providing automation and efficiency to your refractometry workflow. 


Micro flowcells are used to transfer volatile, or limited volume, low viscosity liquids as part of a single or multiple instrument analysis, often incorporating an autosampler and pump within the beverage, brewing, flavours, fragrance or essential oil industries. 


Macro flowcells are used where sample viscosity limits the use of micro-flowcells. They are also used for connection to a pilot plant or small batch process line - where a normal process refractometer may not be suitable. 


Where larger volumes of sample are available, a funnel flowcell may be used. These negate the need to clean the instrument prism between sample measurements, providing a rapid sample turnaround, such as in Tare Houses of grape growers co-operatives and sugar mill receiving stations.

Our Flowcell Accessories are designed to work in perfect harmony with our RFM300-M Series,
RFM300-T and RFM900-T Series refractometers.

RFM300 Flowcell

The RFM300-T Series is Bellingham + Stanley’s latest release in a line of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers. Featuring wide beam optics and a new 7” touch-screen user interface, the RFM300-T Series is ideally suited for use in demanding applications within the food, beverage, chemical and industrial industries.

RFM300-T Series refractometers are capable of measuring non-homogenous samples such as fruit juice with pulp, opaque chemical compounds and emulsions that are normally difficult to read with optical refractometers or those digital refractometers that do not address the need to measure “difficult samples.”

Inherent to the sleek design of the T-Series refractometers is the new high definition, capacitive touch-screen display that not only facilitates operation in factory environments, even when operated whilst wearing gloves, but also serves as the centrepiece for the new software. Combined, the touchscreen and GUI help the operator quickly manoeuvre through the user and configuration menus. On-screen graphical prompts support simple operation such as method loading, calibration and routine maintenance. RFID swipe technology comes as standard, providing clearance and a log of operator and configuration functions.

Whilst we believe that the touchscreen technology seen on our RFM-T Series refractometers is a class-leading interface, sometimes our customers want something a little more… tactile. That’s where the RFM300-M comes in. With a durable membrane made from chemical and scratch resistant polyester, the RFM300-M offers a more tactile approach, allowing users to navigate menus at the touch of a button.

RFM900 Flowcell

Within the pharmaceutical industry or where aromatic and corrosive samples are prevalent, Bellingham + Stanley recommends RFM900-T Series in conjunction with Flowcell Accessories. The RFM900-T with Flowcell is built with a PEEK spill barrier that surrounds the shallow, easy-clean stainless steel prism dish. A Chemraz® gasket seals the prism, chosen due to its almost impermeable nature to most chemicals. 

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Thanks to secure onboard software offering encrypted data logs, audit trails, and the ability to be compliant without the need of an intermediate PC, RFM900-T Series refractometers are ideal instruments in order to comply with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

For more information, specifications or to find out if your RFM Refractometer is suitable for flowcell accessories you can contact our Customer Care team today.

RFM300 Series Flowcell Accessories

RFM300 Series Flowcell Accessories

RFM900 Series Flowcell Accessories

RFM900 Series Flowcell Accessories