WEEE Policy

Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, cares deeply about the environment in which we all work.  Our products, electrical or not, are designed with the environment in mind.  We negate redundant components as soon as we can so that the energy consumed during manufacturer and transport is kept to a minimum. We always look to reduce the power consumption of our instruments as we go through upgrades and make sure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible.  When a product reaches the end of its lifecycle, we provide assistance and offer a take-back policy to ensure they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with the local and international1 law.

Instrument disposal

Opto-mechanical instruments and other products that do not contain electronic or electrical components may be recycled as many contain materials that are readily recyclable.

Bellingham + Stanley electronic or electrical products such as our OPTi, RFM and Abbe refractometers as well as ADP/S polarimeters, must be disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations. Bellinghan + Stanley will take back your end-of-life products for disposal. Always inform us of your intention to ship goods to us so that we can make the correct arrangements for disposal.

For those customers outside of the UK or Europe who cannot dispose of our products locally, we are more than happy to take the instrument back and do so on your behalf. This is our take-back policy. Shipping to the UK is the responsibility of the sender. Sensibly though, we always encourage local recycling so that the product’s environmental footprint is kept to an absolute minimum.

Make it a trade-in!

Bellingham + Stanley encourages the correct disposal of our products by running a trade-in program. If your product has reached the end of its working life, please contact us so that we can offer a suitable replacement with the bonus of a trade-in discount.

Battery disposal

Please dispose of any batteries at your local recycling centre in accordance with local laws. Batteries should not be disposed of in general waste due to the elements within them. Should recycling facilities not be available to you, we the supplier will take them back and dispose of them in a safe manner. Always inform us of your intention to ship so that we can make the correct arrangements for disposal.

Transport of batteries

Never send lithium ion batteries by post, especially if they are damaged. Please consult with your local recycling or contact us for further advice.

WEEE symbol

All our products that contain electrical and electronic components are clearly marked with the wheelie bin symbol. This dictates that disposal should be made in accordance with local and international laws.


UK Law. For international, your local Xylem office or the distributor from whom you purchased the product will provide support.