Refractometer Calculators from Bellingham + Stanley

Calculators for use with refractometers

Bellingham + Stanley are pleased to offer the following calculators to be used in conjunction with your refractometer. Please select the calculator you require from the links below, and then enter your values according to the simple instructions within each refractometer calculator.

Looking for refractometer calibration solutions? Vist our page dedicated to the different types of refractometer calibration materials.

Regional Accredited Laboratory or Inspection Bodies

Bellingham + Stanley operates within an UKAS accredited laboratory, which serves the United Kingdom for the assessment of certification, testing, inspection and calibration. If you are looking for another internationally recognised standards you can use this directory to find an accreditation body in the region where you require the calibrations, testing or inspections to be carried out. Please note, to access results you may be required to scroll.