Calibration Oil RI & Brix Calculator

Refractometer Calculator: Calibration Oil Refractive Index and °Brix 

Refractive Index values are calculated from a data fit of empirical results, which is valid over the range 10 to 75°C. The values used to determine this relationship were produced from a statistical evaluation of averaged refractive index data measured on a high accuracy refractometer at 589.3nm. °Brix values are equivalent scale values in accordance with the relationship between Refractive Index and °Brix published by ICUMSA. Refractive Index and °Brix values will only be displayed if the temperature is within the stated range.

Note: Results derived from these calculations at any temperature other than 20.0°C are outside the scope of Bellingham + Stanley's UKAS Calibration Accreditation. °Brix values greater then 85.00 are extrapolated from the relationship given in ICUMSA SPS-3 (2000) Equation 2. BSDD oil batches do not have °Brix values due to the high refractive index of these samples.

Fluid Type/Batch
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