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  • 7/10/2022

Touchscreen Technology for Refractometers, Polarimeters and Density Meters

Pioneering refractometer and polarimeter manufacturer Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, has been at the forefront of optical technology for over a century, and for several years has offered touchscreen input methods across several of its products.more

  • 2/9/2021

Refractometer and Polarimeter Conformity Through Accredited Calibration

With refractometers and polarimeters being used as a measure for quality control, and to control yields it is imperative that good laboratory practice is adhered to. That's where a program of calibration to traceable standards comes in.more

  • 8/17/2020

How to change scales on the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer

Discover how to set up and change scales on the new OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer.more

  • 6/1/2020

18 Top Tips For Quality Refractometer Results part 4: Continuously achieve accurate results through maintenance

Refractometer tip focusing on how you can continuously achieve accurate results through verification, calibration and general maintenance.more

  • 5/11/2020

Which Food and Beverage Refractometer Do You Need?

Our “Which refractometer do you need?” infographic guides you through the benefits of RFM digital refractometers for food & beverage applications.more