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ABV Calculator

S.G. Value
R (Refractometer
Reading in Zeiss)

This calculator may be used in place of the existing lookup tables supplied with the Eclipse “Alcohol” refractometer. Simply input the refractometer and the SG readings and the program will calculate % alcohol by volume to two decimal places!

1, The purpose of providing 2 decimal place results is to allow users to benefit from better resolution of the table data and is not intended to offer a higher accuracy reading. The calculation of ABV by way of hand held refractometer and hydrometer is still limited by instrument performance, especially with respect to the temperature and achievable accuracy of the hand held refractometer. As such, the typical accuracy of % ABV vol/vol remains as published at ±0.5%.

2, Refractometer readings (Zeiss values) must fall between 15 and 130 and specific gravity between must be between 0.9 and 1.1. The results (values) will only be displayed if the input parameters are within these limits and the calculated ABV is in the range 0 to 25.6.