New UKAS calibraion oils

New UKAS calibration oil for refractometers

Bellingham + Stanley has introduced a new UKAS certified reference material calibrated in accordance with ISO17025:2005 that is traceable to NIST.

Having a refractive index of 1.53632 at 20°C and 589nm, the BCDC-B calibration oil is non-toxic and has a shelf life of 12-months. Supplied as a pack of 5 x 5ml glass bottles, the new BSDC-B product is ideally suited for mid-point verification of refractometers operating over a wide refractive index range or as a span sample for instruments over 1.535 refractive index (95 °Brix) as well as those being used at high temperatures, such as when measuring edible oils.

The new BSDC-B New calibration oil replaces the former BSDC oil (1.51 RI) that is no longer available.

For more information please visit our Calibration Oils page or contact us Click here for help in selecting the right calibration media for your application.

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