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ILAC - MRAAG Fluids are an organic solution calibrated in °Brix & RI and have a long shelf life. Having a low °Brix/RI value, AG fluids provide a low cost alternative to Sucrose Solutions, especially as they can be supplied in multi-packs of 5 or 20 5ml bottles, reducing the per bottle shipping cost. Multi-packs are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration, SDS and pipettes. They have no special storage or transit requirements and are therefore easy to ship and store.

AG Fluids are manufactured on a %weight/weight basis in our UKAS laboratory using only the highest quality chemicals and Analar® distilled water. Manufactured in large batches, the resultant samples are checked using a controlled refractometer that has been carefully calibrated with NIST primary standards, providing traceability.  

However, AG Fluids have a refractive index/temperature co-efficient that is not quite the same as sucrose and so care must be taken when verifying refractometers that rely purely on sucrose based compensation (ATC) such as hand held or low cost laboratory refractometers. AG Fluids may be used on such instruments manufactured by Bellingham + Stanley as, for example, RFM700 Series instruments may be switched to AG Fluid temperature compensation, whilst any OPTi digital hand held refractometers may be switched to the unique AG Test Mode. Alternatively, our RI/°C Temperature Calculators may be used for instruments that have no temperature control such as Abbe refractometers or other manufacturer’s instruments working without compensation or temperature control.

Order Code Type Specification
Single 5ml Bottle Multi-pack of 5 x 5ml Bottle Multi-pack of 20 x 5ml Bottles   Refractive Index* °Brix**
90-401 90-501 90-601 AG2.5 1.33659 2.50
90-402 90-502 90-602 AG5 1.34026 5.00
90-403 90-503 90-603 AG7.5 1.34401 7.50
90-404 90-504 90-604 AG10 1.34782 10.00
90-405 90-505 90-605 AG11.2 1.34968 11.20
90-406 90-506 90-606 AG12 1.35093 12.00
90-407 90-507 90-607 AG12.5 1.35171 12.50
90-408 90-508 90-608 AG15 1.35568 15.00
90-418 90-518 90-618 AG40 1.39986 40.00

Maximum Uncertainty: ±0.000037 RI    ±0.019 ºBrix
Traceable to NIST.

* Precise refractive index @ 589.3nm & 20.0°C.
** Equivalent °Brix value @ 589.3nm & 20.0°C.

The reported expanded uncertainty of measurement is stated as the standard uncertainty of measurement in units of °Brix (equivalent to weight % sucrose in water) multiplied by the coverage factor k=2, which for a normal distribution corresponds to a coverage probability of approximately 95%. The standard uncertainty of measurement has been determined in accordance with publication EA-4/02.