OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer


Portable. Reliable. Digital. OPTi.

The OPTi® Digital Handheld Refractometer is a truly portable instrument that fits in the palm of your hand, and is capable of giving you over 10,000 readings on just 2xAAA batteries. It features a stainless steel prism dish which rapidly stabilises sample temperature, a durable IP65 rated body, and a clear LCD display. 

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The pocket sized digital refractometer that’s ready when you are

OPTi digital handheld refractometers from Bellingham + Stanley (pioneers of the handheld refractometer) are highly reliable, premium quality instruments used to control the dissolved solids or blend ratios of products ranging from fresh fruit to industrial chemicals.

Portable and simple to operate, the OPTi provides excellent “on-the-spot” concentration analysis with automatic temperature correction. Accurate one button measurement and a clear display presents reliable results, no matter who takes the reading.

Thanks to its compact design and clever marriage of smart software and ergonomic hardware, OPTi refractometers are perfect for taking measurements anywhere.

Bellingham + Stanley gives you more from your refractometer

The OPTi revolutionises the way digital handheld refractometers are supplied and purchased. All of Bellingham + Stanley’s handheld refractometer scales are available in just one device – meaning you no longer need to pay extra for high brix models.

An onboard library of 50 common scales including Brix, Refractive Index, °Baumé, °Butyro, Colostrum Quality, Wort, Ethylene Glycol % and many more can be swapped and selected at any time, making the OPTi digital handheld refractometer one of the most vertsatlie and valuable handheld refractometers available today.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

The choice of scale is yours. With up to 3 scales readily available at the touch of a button, the OPTi is the most versatile and feature rich refractometer on the market. Need Brix for one application, and Alcohol Probable for the next? No problem! Switching scales only takes a moment, and with a read time of 2 seconds per sample, the OPTi is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to monitor and control your concentration on-the-go.

Take a look at our "How to" video to learn how to switch between different scales and other paramaters. 

An OPTi® For All Occasions

The OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer can be used for measuring fruit ripeness, fruit juices and concentrates, carbonated beverages, alcohol content and grape must, confectionery and jams, sugar and many other food applications. Industrial applications include the measurement of soluble oils, quenchants, glycols, antifreeze, air-conditioning and heat transfer fluids, aviation fuel inhibitors, aeroplane wing de-icing surfactants, starch, textile surfactants and more.

Food & Beverage

Used for testing the ripeness of fresh fruits such as grapes and tomatoes simply by squeezing a small amount of juice directly onto the refractometer prism. OPTi refractometers are used in the manufacturing of jam, marmalade, syrup and other high sugar content products as well as quickly testing for moisture in honey direct at the hive. They are ideal for testing finished juices and other soft drinks. Scales include: Brix, °Butyro, HFCS, Salinity, Water in Honey, and more.

Beer & Wine

From home-brew beer to the microbrewery and beyond, our refractometers have been helping brewers for years. In the beer world, refractometers are used to measure Wort prior to fermentation as well determining alcohol content. We supply OPTi refractometers to vineyards around the globe so that grape ripeness can be checked before harvest, sugar content assessed and alcohol content measured in the final stages of production. Scales include: Brix, Wort SG, °Baume, Alcohol Probable, Oechsle, Salinity, and more.


Bellingham + Stanley’s industrial refractometers cover a broad spectrum of applications. A common scale used within the industrial sector is Glycol % - useful for engineers working on air-conditioners, heat exchangers or even pasteurisers. When using the Brix scale, refractometers can be used for fire fighting foam and industrial coolants. In the aviation industry there is a need for determining the concentration of aircraft anti-icing fluids. Scales include: Brix, RI, Calcium Chloride %, Ethanol %, Ethylene Glycol % and more.


Our automotive instruments are able to test coolant fluids (measurable in either °F or °C frost protection) and battery acid, as well as AdBlue® (DEF) concentration - ideal for vehicle service centres, garages, car manufacturers and fleet managers. Keep your vehicles runing smoothly and safely with OPTi. Scales include: Brix, RI, Sulphuric Acid SG, AdBlue®, and more. AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the VDA Verband der Automobileindustrie e.V

Veterinary & Life Science

Bellingham + Stanley offer a selection of scales for veterinarians and farmers for testing colostrum, blood and urine samples taken from animals. Thanks to needing only a small drop of sample to give a clear and accurate reading, OPTi refractometers are perfect for measuring samples that are often difficult to obtain or, in the case of colostrum, being a valuable commodity. Scales include: Brix, RI, Colostrum Quality, Urine Specific Gravity, Serum Protein, and more.


Feature packed handheld refractometer

With 50 onboard scales, easy switching between 3 scales, and full 0-95 Brix range (and 1.33-1.53 RI) the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer from Bellingham + Stanley is a highly reliable, premium quality instrument packed full of features. Visit the Xylem Analytics website to find out more about the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer and take a look at the list of common scales to see how OPTi can support your measurement needs. Alternatively you can email or call our Customer Care team today to speak to a specialist or find a local stockist. 

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