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February 20192 decimal place RFM330 refractometers

Two new derivatives of the ADP600 Series polarimeter introduced

The ADP610-HCl is a single wavelength (589nm) polarimeter that has been especially adapted for use with aggressive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid.The instrument is supplied with a glass polarimeter tube (100mm) incorporating PEEK endcaps as well as and a temperature sensor encapsulated in a hastelloy sheath; materials particularly chosen because of their high level of resistance to acid attack. A spill kit to protect the sample chamber is also supplied.

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August 20182 decimal place RFM330 refractometers

New range of low cost saccharimeters for sugar laboratories, factories and tare houses

Bellingham + Stanley is pleased to announce the ADS400 Series Saccharimeter (primarily designed for busy sugar laboratories, factories and tare houses) as the latest product to its range of bench-top instruments.

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January 20182 decimal place RFM330 refractometers

2 decimal place resolution now as standard on refreshed RFM330 refractometers

To ring in the new year Bellingham + Stanley have announced an upgrade to their RFM330 refractometers. Both the RFM330-T (touchscreen model) and RFM330-M (membrane keypad model) have been refreshed with two decimal place resolution and an increased accuracy to ±0.04 °Brix.

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September 2017ADP450 Polarimeter

New functions for ADP450 Peltier temperature controlled polarimeter

Bellingham + Stanley has added key new features to the recently launched ADP450 Peltier temperature controlled polarimeter. New XPC adaptors for low volume, short length tubes and Invesrion method. Communications has also been updated.

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July 2017New UKAS calibration oils

New UKAS calibration oil for refractometers

Bellingham + Stanley has introduced a new UKAS certified reference material calibrated in accordance with ISO 17025:2005 and traceable to NIST.

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April 2017

Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Application Day with Xylem.

Register for the free seminar. May 17, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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March 2017Pittcon and Arab Lab exhibition logos

Two new single wavelength polarimeters available with or without Peltier temperature control.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ADP400 Series Polarimeters suitable food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, available from April 2017.

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February 2017Pittcon and Arab Lab exhibition logosInternational Exhibitions in the Month of March

Bellingham + Stanley will be joining key analytical Xylem brands at Pittcon Conference & Expo 2017 in Chicago, and ArabLab 2017 at The Dubai International Conference and Exhibition Centre throughout the month of March.

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February 2017RFM700-M RefractometerFully Automatic, Robust Refractometer at CLFP 2017

Bellingham + Stanley are heading to Sacramento, California for the Food Processing Expo 2017. We will be among 260 other exhibitors including our friends from SI Analytics, who’ll be bringing their TitroLine 6000 and Ebro, with a range of professional grade thermometers and data loggers.

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January 2017RFM300-M RefractometerRFM300-M Series replaces RFM300+ Refractometers

In 2017 Bellingham + Stanley proudly presents the RFM300-M Series refractometers for industrial applications. The RFM300-M brings our popular RFM300+ refractometer up-to-date with a line of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers. Featuring wide beam optics and a durable membrane touch-button interface with 4” high resolution display, the RFM300-M Series is ideally suited for use in demanding applications within the food, beverage, chemical and general industry.

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January 2017RFM700-M RefractometerNew RFM700-M Series Refractometers launched

Designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, the all new RFM700-M Series refractometers featuring automatic temperature compensation offer digital automatic technology at a low cost. Latest models feature more scale and temperature correction options than ever before in the 700 range, enabling the instrument to be used not only in the traditional food, sugar, and beverage applications but also in a number of other “non-sucrose” based industrial applications.

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January 2017PRH Process refractometerPRH Process Refractometer discontinued

As of January 4, 2017 and for the time being, our PRH series of on-line refractometers and system derivatives in-tek SOS and in-tek SOS Wine are no longer available. We will continue to support existing PRH customers and of course welcome any enquiries for in-line applications that may be satisfied by our RFM-Flow refractometers including those in the food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

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December 2016Bellingham + Stanley Factory in Tunbridge Wells.Holiday Opening Times

As the Festive Season approaches we wanted to take a moment to advise you of our opening times this December.

We will be closing our factory for the holiday season at the end of the day Friday December 23rd and reopening January 3rd. Please place your orders by Friday 16th December to ensure despatch prior to year-end (subject to availability). Our last shipments will be leaving us on Tuesday 20th December.

December 2016RFM300-T touchscreen refractometerBellingham + Stanley Refractometers & Polarimeters Satisfy All The Requirements Of Pharmacopeia

Strict procedural controls within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are paramount, whether it be for raw materials testing, drug production or final quality assurance and refractometers and polarimeters play an important role in helping to ensure our medicines, whether it be for animal or human use, are safe and effective.

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November 2016RFM900-T touchscreen refractometerNew QCP Box Sets offer convenience and value for polarimeter verification

Bellingham + Stanley has launched a new range of QCP Box Sets providing polarimeter and saccharimeter users with a more convenient and cost effective means of verifying their instruments. QCP Box Set content varies based upon the number of plates and nominal plate values required and are supplied with a thermal block for temperature probe connection as well as a Certificate of Conformity for each plate included. UKAS certification traceable to PTB and in accordance with ISO 17025:2005 is also available for each plate as an optional extra; ideal for users wishing to maintain a high level of good laboratory practice (GLP).

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October 2016Lab InnovationsRFM300-T Series Refractometers headline Xylem’s booth at lab Innovations 2016

Bellingham + Stanley will show the new RFM300-T Series, high precision, Peltier temperature controlled refractometers for the first time at Lab Innovations 2016, the only annual event in the UK that brings together laboratory professionals from across the country.

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August 2016RFM900-T touchscreen refractometerRFM900 Series Refractometers at Gulf Coast Show

Bellingham + Stanley will join fellow Xylem brands at this year’s Gulf Coast show in Houston, Texas USA.; October 11-12, booth #223. Bellingham + Stanley will show the new RFM900-T Series of digital refractometers with Peltier temperature control and latest touchscreen user interface. The RFM900-T incorporates Kalrez® gasket materials that withstand harsh chemicals as well as a number of standard methods for petrochemical applications, including ASTM D 5006, D 1218 (Annex 2), D 1747 and ASTM D 2140.

April 2016RFM300-T touchscreen refractometerRFM-T Series refractometers on show at Analytica 2016

The new RFM-T Series high precision, touchscreen refractometers will be featured at this year’s Analytica exhibition being held in Munich, Germany, May 10-13. Bellingham + Stanley will feature the new models alongside the high specification ADP600 Series multiple wavelength polarimeter and other Xylem brand highlights on their 200m2 booth in Hall A1. If you’re visiting Analytica, be sure to drop by!

February 2016RFM300-T touchscreen refractometerThe Popular RFM300 Series Gets The Touchscreen Treatment

The RFM300 series of refractometers has joined our range of new touchscreen instruments. The RFM300-T now boasts a 7” touchscreen user interface with easy to use menus giving this powerful refractometer, suitable for harsh factory environments, a fresh modern look and feel.

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January 2016Cancer ResearchXylem’s YSI Life Sciences division presents 2900Series Biochemistry Analyser at IBioIC’s 2nd Annual Conference.

The Life Sciences division of YSI, a Xylem brand, provides measurement solutions for clinical, industrial, and research applications. YSI pioneered enzyme electrode technology for whole blood glucose measurements, and further developed that technology for many clinical and industrial applications.

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November 2015RFM900-T RefractometerRFM900-T Refractometer

The RFM900-T Series of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers, featuring a wide measuring range up to 1.70 RI and new 7” touch-screen user interface, are ideally suited for use in applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavours and fragrance industries as well as in academic research.

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October 2015YSI a Xylem BrandXylem presents its leading analytical brands at Lab Innovations 2015.

This year at Lab Innovations 2015, Xylem will be returning to the show with a host of new and leading products from across its analytical brands and will be demonstrating two new instruments.

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October 2015YSI a Xylem BrandYSI (UK) Limited has moved.

From October 1st 2015 YSI (UK) Ltd. will be serving its Life Science customers from Xylem’s Bellingham + Stanley Tunbridge Wells facility.

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September 2015Science World 2015Xylem exhibits at Science World 2015

Fisher Scientific is building on the success of their previous events and is anticipating more than 800 visitors throughout the show. This is a fantastic opportunity to see thousands of laboratory products in action, including offerings from Bellingham + Stanley, ebro, Si Analytics and WTW.

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July 2015SafeContractor ApprovedSafecontractor accreditation for B+S in the UK

Leading refractometer and polarimeter manufacturer Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

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July 2015Three Year WarrantyThree year warranty offered on qualifying instruments

Bellingham + Stanley customers that register their new and qualifying instruments on-line are now covered by a three year manufacturers limited warranty, offering excellent protection in the unlikely event of breakdown. 

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March 2015RFM960-C RefractometerNew RFM960-C refractometer launched               

Bellingham + Stanley has launched the new RFM960-C digital refractometer with Peltier temperature control in celebration of its Centenary year. The RFM960-C has a colour display, latest connectivity and features (USB LAN/Ethernet) and extends the data storage capability of its predecessor so that over 4000 results to be stored. A 5 decimal place version, the RFM970-C, is also available.

Sept 2014UKAS CRMsUKAS Certified Reference Materials gain international recognition!

All certificates issued by Bellingham + Stanley’s UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0834 now show the ILAC-MRA logo; providing mutual recognition by participating ILAC members across the Globe. Verifying refractometers and polarimeters is an essential part of good laboratory practise and this new marque offers further authenticity of measured results.

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June 2014RFM300+ benefits from new display & USB/LAN connectivity

Latest RFM300+ models now feature a user selectable colour coded display that cleverly guides users through the operation and configuration menus. 

Additionally, new USB and LAN connectivity facilitates many new software driven features including back-up & clone, print to secure PDF and remote diagnostics.

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April 2014New software protects OPTi readings against bright light

Latest OPTi software features High Ambient Light protection software that now monitors extraneous light, warning the operator of any detrimental effects that bright sunlight or floodlighting in cellars and warehouses may have on the reading by displaying –HAL- on the screen. 

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March 2014New ADP600 launched at Pittcon® 2014

Bellingham + Stanley launch the NEW ADP600 Series of multiple wavelength high accuracy Peltier controlled polarimeter series with touch-screen technology at Pittcon® 2014.

Available as single, dual and multiple wavelength derivatives covering the visible spectrum, the ADP600 Series also features measurement in the highly sensitive ultra-violet region. This capability makes the instrument particularly suited for use by scientists wishing to measure chiral compounds and other optically active substances in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors as well as for use in academic research.

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January 2014New sales network opens in Mainz, Germany

Bellingham + Stanley now serves the German market through a dedicated team in our Xylem office Mainz. Customers may now contact our local specialists directly and have access to our products through a fully trained network of dealers throughout the country. Our range of refractometers and polarimeters will also be shown at a variety of exhibitions and conferences throughout Germany.

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July 2013RFM and ADPNew storage capability for RFM and ADP models

Bellingham + Stanley has upgraded the popular ADP440+ single wavelength, high accuracy polarimeter and the RFM 900/RFM300+ Series of Peltier temperature controlled refractometers so that users are able to store over 4000 results on board for review and general download. The new higher definition 4” full colour LED backlit display provides high contrast visibility from a wide viewing angle in almost any lighting conditions.

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July 2013RFM300+New fan speed control silences operation!

The RFM300+ Refractometers also feature the new enhanced, intelligent, variable fan control system which is specifically designed to reduce noise during operation thus making them ideal for quiet laboratory use.

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May 2012Pro-Juice RefractometerPro-Juice Refractometer

The Pro-Juice refractometer has been specifically designed to tackle the known °Brix measurement repeatability issues that are commonly experienced during the re-constitution phase of orange juice production. Pro-Juice therefore offers beverage producers the ability to improve overall product quality and more importantly the opportunity to minimize production losses caused by unreliable °Brix analysis in order to improve yields from orange concentrate as its price remains at an all time high.

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