ADP400 Series Polarimeter

Two new single wavelength polarimeters available with or without Peltier temperature control.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ADP400 Series Polarimeters suitable food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, available from April 2017.

The ADP400 Series polarimeters offer 3 decimal place measurement and come packed full of features including quality proven optics pioneered by Bellingham + Stanley, an easy-to-use Methods system and, in the case of the ADP450, Peltier temperature control thanks to our patented XPC technology. For users that wish to use an external waterbath or have no temperature control, the ADP430 is feature complete minus our new XPC technology.

Both models use standard ICUMSA polarimeter tubes, with the option of using stainless steel and low volume leur taper tubes, and conform to the minimum requirement of USP/EP/BP for sodium (589nm) measurement.

For more information please visit our ADP400 Series product page or contact us for a quotation.

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