RFM700-M Series “ATC” Refractometers

RFM700-M ATC Refractometer

Designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, the all new RFM700-M Series refractometers featuring automatic temperature compensation offer digital automatic technology at a low cost. Latest models feature more scale and temperature correction options than ever before in the 700 range, enabling the instrument to be used not only in the traditional food, sugar, and beverage applications but also in a number of other ”non-sucrose” based industrial applications.

RFM700-M refractometers are particularly suited to wine applications, as industry standard scales such as Baume, Oechsle, and Probable Alcohol (A.P.) are all accessible from the on-board library. As well as wines scales, a ‘Fuel System Icing Inhibitor’ scale that conforms to ASTM D 5006 can be loaded as well as refractive index (RI).

With a flat ‘easy clean’ sapphire prism and a ‘no-presser design’ the RFM700-M offers rapid cleaning once a measurement has been taken.

For more information about the RFM700-M Series please visit the products page here. Alternatively please contact us by email sales.bs.uk@xyleminc.com or by phone on +44 (0) 1892 500 400.

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