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Sucrose Solutions are an extremely easy to use medium for verifying and calibrating refractometers measuring in the Brix scale, as no special consideration is required when testing instruments at ambient temperature fitted with sucrose temperature compensation (ATC). Sucrose Solutions are typically used in the food, beverage and sugar industry.

Sucrose Solutions are manufactured on a %weight/weight basis and are calibrated in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. A number of concentrations are available between 0 and 60 °Brix, all being traceable to NIST and ICUMSA.

Sucrose Solutions are supplied in 15ml plastic dropper bottles complete with a Certificate of Calibration but may also be supplied in a larger quantity for high volume users or for customers wishing to verify the performance of density meters operating in the °Brix scale.

The Certificate of Calibration gives values for sucrose in % weight/weight, °Brix and refractive index as well as giving detail about traceability and uncertainty.

Sucrose Solutions – Supply Contracts

As Sucrose Solutions have a limited shelf life of 6-weeks, they must be purchased at the time of requirement. If a frequent calibration regime is operated, the administration cost of issuing purchase orders every time can be relatively high. Many users therefore choose to take out a supply contract on a single order that ensures trouble free, regular delivery over a twelve month period.

For details about regular supply of Sucrose Solutions, please contact the Sales Team at Bellingham + Stanley to discuss the options.

Sucrose Solutions – General
Order Code 15ml Value (°Brix) Value (RI)
SS00 0 1.33299
SS05 5 1.34026
SS075 7.5 1.34401
SS10 10 1.34782
SS112 11.2 1.34968
SS115 11.5 1.35015
SS12 12 1.35093
SS125 12.5 1.35171
SS15 15 1.35568
SS20 20 1.36384
SS25 25 1.37233
SS30 30 1.38115
SS35 35 1.39032
SS40 40 1.39986
SS45 45 1.40978
SS50 50 1.42009
SS55 55 1.43080
SS60 60 1.44193
Certificate: (ISO17025)
±0.02 °Brix
Shelf Life: 6-weeks
Storage: Refrigerated at approx 5°C
Do not freeze
Traceability: ICUMSA

Frequentley Asked Questions

Why is there not a UKAS mark on Sucrose Solutions supplied by Bellingham + Stanley Ltd. FAQ-GRP-052 (pdf)

Approved Contractor:  Bellingham + Stanley is pleased to announce that Paragon Scientific Ltd., a leading manufacturer of calibration materials, has been appointed for the certification of Sucrose Solutions on behalf of Bellingham + Stanley. By sending an order for sucrose calibration materials to Bellingham + Stanley, you give permission that Bellingham + Stanley may subcontract certification to an appointed subcontractor in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Clause 4.5. The evaluation of calibration materials supplied by Bellingham + Stanley or its approved subcontractor has been carried out in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Clause 5.4.6 Estimation of uncertainty of measurement. All Technical or commercial enquiries relating to Sucrose Solutions should be addressed to Bellingham + Stanley.