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Refractometers overview

Bellingham + Stanley offer one of the largest choices of digital refractometers in the World today. All refractometers are made to the highest standard and with 100-years of experience, are directly supported by a team of experts and by a global network of fully trained distributors. If you are unsure on which refractometer to choose, please contact Bellingham + Stanley.

RFM900 Refractometer

RFM900-T Refractometer

The RFM900-T Series of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers, featuring a wide measuring range up to 1.70 RI and new 7” touch-screen user interface, are ideally suited for use in applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavours and fragrance industries as well as in academic research.

Bellingham + Stanley has been manufacturing refractometers for over a century and the latest refractometers build on that legacy. The instrument’s new case is ergonomically designed so that any spills are dealt with by the sloping shape of the case or by the PEEK spill barrier that surrounds the shallow, easy-clean stainless steel prism dish. The prism dish is shaped to hold sufficient sample for measurement whilst regaining a large enough surface area for rapid temperature stabilisation to occur. A Kalrez® gasket has been chosen as the prism seal due to its almost impermeable nature to most chemicals. The sample cover forms a seal to prevent evaporation, particularly important when working with volatile solutions such as aromatic oils, and is interchangeable so that a presser type can be fitted for more viscous samples.

Full technical specification for RFM900-T range
Full technical specification for RFM990 Flow Model
Full technical specification for RFM990-AUS32

RFM300T and RFM300+ refractometers

RFM300 Series Refractometers including RFM300-T

The RFM300 Series of refractometers are the result of a combination of over 100 years’ experience in design and manufacturing led by customer needs. With a wide measuring range and Peltier temperature control of the flat, easy clean prism, the RFM300 Series refractometers offer extremely rapid temperature stabilization of the sample no matter which model you choose.

The powerful processor enables readout in many different scales including °Brix, RI, and HFCS; whilst the simple to use menus can be displayed in a number of different languages.

Whether you require a high resolution touchscreen interface with 7” screen, available on the RFM300-T, or a more tactile approach with the RFM300-M’s durable membrane, you’ll find a graphical user interface with easy to use menus giving this powerful refractometer series a fresh, modern look and feel.

A methods system enables simple operation by any user no matter what skill level; especially for applications where the reading is required to be offset so that results equal an alternative measurement type (e.g. oven dried, density) or where a correction is applied such as for citric acid in orange juice.

The RFM300 Series of instruments is perfect for measurement and control in demanding food, beverage, chemical and industrial applications.

Full technical specification for the RFM300-T
Full technical specification for the RFM300-M

RFM700 Refractometer

RFM700 Refractometer

Designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, RFM700-M Series refractometers offer digital automatic technology at a low cost. Latest models feature more scale and temperature compensation options than their Brix & refractive index predecessors, enabling the instrument to be used not only in the traditional food, sugar, and beverage applications but also in a number of industrial applications.

RFM700-M refractometers are particularly suited to wine applications, as industry standard scales such as Baume, Oechsle, and Probable Alcohol (A.P.) are all accessible from the on-board library. As well as wines scales, a ‘Fuel System Icing Inhibitor’ scale that conforms to ASTM D 5006 can be loaded as well as refractive index (RI).

The all new RFM700-M includes a flat ‘easy clean’ sapphire prism and a ‘no-presser design’ which offers rapid cleaning once a measurement has been taken.

Full technical specification for RFM700-M

Pro Juice Refractometer

Pro-Juice Refractometer

The Pro-Juice refractometer has been developed to overcome the widely recognized erratic behavior of orange juice experienced by manufacturers during the reconstitution phase of production. Clever software combined with newly applied sample handling and conditioning techniques are combined within the Pro-Juice to provide unrivalled measurement reproducibility to allow control tolerances to be set closer to the lower tolerance without risk of compromise and in so doing provides an opportunity to improve company profits by increasing concentrate yield.

Full technical specification for Pro-Juice

Abbe 5 Refractometer

Abbe Refractometer

The Abbe Refractometer derives its name from the 19th Century physicist Ernst Abbe (1840-1905). Abbe designed an instrument for measuring the dispersion of light and this became the precursor for the so-called ‘Abbe Refractometer’.

Our Abbe 5 refractometer offers affordable direct refractive index and Brix readings and so is ideal for academia as well as for general measurement within industry.

Abbe refractometers are particularly suited to the measurement of solids and semi-solids such as thin film polymers, rubber, glass and fibre optics as well as liquid samples and feature a temperature control facility by way of waterbath connection.  Temperature measurement is made by integral sensor and displayed digitally (LCD).

Full technical specifications for the Abbe 5 refractometer