Hand Held Refractometers

Hand held refractometers overview

The use of a hand refractometer facilitates convenient and rapid measurement of concentration in a number of liquid and semi-solid samples.

Food applications include the measurement of sugar in grape must and other fresh fruit, processed food, sugar solutions and beverages. Starch, honey and salt solutions may also be measured.

Hand held refractometers are also commonly used to control blend ratios of various industrial liquids. Chemical blends such as glycols, battery acid, heat exchange fluids, automotive antifreeze, aviation wing de-icing chemicals and jet fuel ice inhibitors can be controlled easily whilst measurement of industrial fluids such as coolants, quenchants and hydraulic oils are commonplace.

Bellingham + Stanley offers a complete choice of hand held refractometers starting with the robust, UK made Eclipse traditional optical range of refractometers to the latest OPTi digital models that provide not only the most accurate performance in it’s class but also repeatability when switching between users.

OPTi Digital Hand Held Refractometer

OPTi digital Range

Bellingham + Stanley OPTi digital hand held refractometers are manufactured in the UK as highly reliable premium quality instruments suitable for use in the harshest of environments.

There are many different models within in the OPTi family covering not only the commonplace food, beverage and chemical instruments but also life science, automotive, heat transfer and even customer specific applications.

To access the full range of OPTi range of refractometers, please use the drop-down navigation bar at the top of the page or browse the application specific pages by using the links below.

Common specification for OPTi Refractometers
Full technical specification for Food & Beverage models
Full technical specification for Life Science models
Full technical specification for Industrial, Automotive and Heat Transfer fluids models
Full technical specification for full Brix range OPTi+ models

IP65 Water Resistant and Made in the UK

Ecilpse Professional Range of Hand Held refractometers

Eclipse “Professional” Range

The Eclipse refractometer is recognised as one of the World’s most reliable and robust optical refractometers on the market today. Manufactured in the UK using the latest techniques, Eclipse refractometers feature a bright field of view, a unique sample “dribble feed” and are sealed against moisture ingress.

A selection of scale types covering a wide range of common applications is available from within the Eclipse range as well as the unique Low Volume Brix Models that are favoured by zoologists and entomologists for having the capability of measuring samples of less than 1-microlitre such as nectar.

Full technical specification for Eclipse Refractometers

IP65 Water Resistant and Made in the UK and Factory Save


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