ADS420 as part of a purity system



ADS420 Saccharimeter

The ADS420 Saccharimeter is a low cost automatic polarimeter specifically designed for use in busy sugar laboratories and tare houses. Operation is very simple by way of four graphically presented push buttons and therefore requires no on-screen language interpretation.

Unlike other low cost polarimeters, the ADS420 uses an LED light source that requires no maintenance. A single temperature sensor provides the measurement for sugar compensation whilst quartz compensation facilitates accurate verification and calibration using a quartz control plate by accessing the span facility in the setup menu. Latest specification electronics within the instrument allows measurement of samples with low transmittance and should a sample be too dark or has entrapped air; the instrument will display an error message. Results are continually measured and displayed allowing easy assessment of stability. 

Although the ADS420 Saccharimeter can measure dark samples of up to 3 OD, for optimum performance it is ideal to remove colour and suspended solids to provide a clear solution or one of less than 2.0 OD.  For locations where lead based filtrates are not permitted, or where disposal costs restrict its use, the ADS480 NIR Saccharimeter offers ‘lead-free’ operation when used in conjunction with a less toxic clarifier such as Cellite®.

With accuracy to ±0.03 °Z, the ADS420 is compliant to the minimum requirements of ICUMSA for sodium wavelength analysis of clarified sugar cane/beet juice and processed sugar.

The ADS420 is available in a number of formats:

Standard Package – using a glass centre fill tube.

Flow Package – using a funnel flow tube for repetitive sampling such as in a busy tare house.

PURITY Package – using a PC to combine the optical rotation and ° reading to determine sugar purity.

Specifications ISS (°Z)
Range -225 to +225
Resolution 0.01
Reproducibility 0.02
Accuracy ±0.03
Light Source LED/Interference filter (589.3nm)
Beam Diameter 4 mm
Maximum Tube Length 220 mm
Reading Time 20 seconds
Temperature 5-40 °C
Temperature Compensation None, sugar, quartz to 20 °C
Optical Density Range 0.0 to 3.0 OD
Interfaces 1 x RS232 (print or csv format)
Power Supply External 90-250V~, 50-60 Hz. Supplied with instrument