Refractometer Accessories

Enhanced Protection PackEnhanced Protection Pack (EPP) Click here for details
The enhanced protection pack (EPP) provides extra protection to RFM800, RFM900, RFM300+ and Pro-Juice refractometers when used in factory environments where water jets are used for general cleaning purposes. Side pods replace the standard filter arrangement whilst the exhaust extension offers further protection at the rear of the instrument. Fitting of the EPP requires no special tools or skills.


Funnel FlowcellFlowcells for RFM Refractometers
Flowcells may be used to facilitate measurement within an automated system or where a high through-put of samples is required to be analyzed. 
RFM700 Flow Series
RFM300+ Flow Series
RFM990 Flow Model

AutosamplerAutosampler Systems
In certain circumstances Bellingham + Stanley instruments may be incorporated within autosampler systems. Please contact B+S with your application requirements for further advice.

Spectral SourcesSpectral Sources Click Here
Light sources for Abbe refractometers and Model D polarimeters.

Light Source for Abbe 5 RefractometerAbbe 5 Light Source Click Here
Incandescent light source with integral intensity control for Abbe 5 refractometer.

Polarimeter Accessories

Polarimeter Tubes with plastic or metal end capsStandard Glass Polarimeter Tubes Click here for details
ICUMSA standard glass tubes.
Length: 50-200mm
Internal diameter: 8mm
Metal End Tubes now available!

Polarimeter TubesLow Volume Polarimeter Tubes Click here for details
For precious samples or samples with high optical rotation.
Length: 5-50mm
Internal diameter: 5mm

Funnel FlowcellFunnel and Flow through Polarimeter Tubes Click here for details
For automated systems and sugar applications

Quartz Contrl PlateQuartz Control Plate Saddles Click here for details
For verification and calibration.

General Accessories

WaterbathWaterbaths Click here for details
Heat only or Heat/cool circulating baths for controlling the temperature of measuring instruments.

PrinterPrinters Click here for details
Dot-matrix printers for use with B+S refractometers and polarimeters for direct recording of data; some fitted with real-time clocks for connection to instruments that do not have GLP software.

Barcode ReaderBarcode Reader Click here for details
Automatic data retrieval from product barcodes. Suitable for use with RFM300+/RFM800 & ADP440 instruments.

Splash CoverSplash Covers Click here for details
Protects the display from ingress and chemical attack. Suitable for use with RFM300+/RFM800 & RFM700 series refractometers as well as the ADP400 series of polarimeters.

Waterproof Power SupplyWaterproof Power Supply Click here for details
Offering extra protection in very wet or humid environments, waterproof power supplies may be ordered as an optional extra and are rated IP65.

Barcode Reader PC Software for B+S instrumentation – A no-charge accessory!
Bellingham + Stanley Ltd. offer a number of PC software packages for use with refractometers and polarimeters, including:  sugar purity, Abbe scale conversion, spectral line identifiers, user defined scale creation, user defined temperature compensation creation, data acquisition & process software.  A complete list of software packages can be seen by clicking here that may be downloaded ‘free of charge* from this website.