Digital refractometer and polarimeter manufacturers Bellingham + Stanley offer a wide range of refractometers and polarimeters via a network of trained distributors.

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Newly launched ADS400 Series saccharimeters offer cost effective measurement for use in the sugar industry.

RFM330 2 decimal place Refractometers

New ADS400 Series saccharimeters offer cost effective POL measurement with on-board sugar Purity for use in the sugar industry Tare House, factory or quality control laboratory. Whether measuring dark samples in the NIR spectrum or clarified sugars in accordance with ICUMSA, new ADS400 Series saccharimeters excel at every level. With standard lab versions with or without XPC Technology and funnel flow-through, ATC packages available; the ADS400 saccharimeter series is setting new standards in the developing sugar industry.

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RFM300 refractometers meet the needs of food & beverage manufacturers

New ADP400 Series polarimeter

Whether measuring the final °Brix of soft drinks prior to packaging or the refractive index of edible oil blends, the latest RFM300 Series Peltier temperature controlled refractometers, available with keypad or touchscreen user interface, hit all the right numbers. To make sure you know which model to choose, download our infographic or visit our dedicated refractometer overview page.

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