Digital refractometer and polarimeter manufacturers Bellingham + Stanley offer a wide range of refractometers and polarimeters via a network of trained distributors.

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New ADP400 Series single wavelength polarimeters

New ADP400 Series polarimeter

Bellingham + Stanley has launched two new single wavelength polarimeters available with or without Peltier temperature control. The ADP400 Series polarimeters, with proven LED optics, offer 3 decimal place measurement and are suitable for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Two New Refractometers for 2017

RFM300-M Refractometer

We are pleased to announce two new refractometers for 2017 with the launch of the RFM300-M and the RFM700-M. Whilst these new instruments cater for different needs, they’re brought together by common elements: our newly designed keypad with durable membrane, and fast, easy to use on-board software.

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Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage Application Day with Xylem

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Bellingham + Stanley 100 Years Centenary